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Minutes and Protocols

  • Minutes of the 10th ICCEU Meeting;


    INFORMATION on the B20 and BIAC meetings in Paris on the 28-29 May 2018;

    NATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS FRAMEWORK OF THE REPUBLIC OF BULGARIA: Migration and recognition of acquired qualification;

    Information materials on the work performed within the framework of the concluded contract No. C / 16-23 of June 15, 2016 with the All-Russian Association of Employers “The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs” (OSP “RSPP”) on the work on the analysis of normative acts, concerning the system of professional qualifications, including the system for assessing the professional qualifications of the Russian Federation, the CIS countries, the EEMP, BRICS, as well as developing proposals for synchronizing the systems of professional qualifications (stage 2, 3 quarter, interim).

  • Minutes of the 9th ICCEU Meeting;

  • Minutes VIII of the sessions of the 8th ICCEU Meeting – Republic of Bulgaria, city of Sofia, 30th of June 2016;


    Declaration adopted at the 8th General Assembly of ICCEU on June 30, 2016 in Sofia, Bulgaria;

    Materials for the presentation of A. N. Shokhin at the International Round Table “Economy Outside the Shadow”;

    SHADOW ECONOMY AND BUSINESS IN ARMENIA: Presentation of Gagik Makaryan, President of Employers’ Union of Armenia;

  • Minutes of the 7th ICCEU Meeting;

  • Minutes of the 6th ICCEU Meeting;

    Resolution of the 6th ICCEU Meeting;

  • Minutes of the 5th ICCEU Meeting;

  • Minutes of the 4th ICCEU Meeting;

    4th ICCEU Meeting – List of Participants;

  • Minutes of the 3rd ICCEU Meeting;

  • Minutes of the 2nd ICCEU Meeting;

  • Minutes of the ICCEU international meeting of the heads of national associations of employers (entrepreneurs);

  • Minutes of the 1st ICCEU Meeting;


    Materials on the topic 4. On business’ participation in the elaboration and on the outputs of the implementation of the national anti-crisis programmes, strategies for overcoming the crisis;

    On the patterns and practice of interaction between business and authorities;

    Assessment of the impact of the anti-crisis measures on the practical operations of the enterprises in 2009;

    “LEGISLATION MONITORING CENTRE” – presented by the Confederation of Employers in Poland.

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